The meeting was held on and can the recording can be seen on You Tube here:


  • Sophia the Orange
  • Manus MacDhai
  • Johann von Solothurn
  • Reynsa Keyferin
  • Richard Wynn
  • Teleri the Well Prepared

The attendees all introduced themselves, but since we all know each other pretty well already, it was quick.

Summary:  Sophia led the discussion through the document of the Atlantia Performing Arts Guild FINAL plan. Response was mostly positive and in support of the plan as written. Johann, Richard, and Reynsa all stepped up into roles as follows:

Johann and Richard agreed to lead the effort to create Best Practices for Bardic Circles. We’re not all convinced yet that using terms of “Marshall” and “Authorization Cards” will work. The intention is that the term is a joke and there is no requirement to be authorized in Bardic Arts to run a circle. There is, however, the real possibility that people will not understand the optional nature of the “Authorization Cards” or “Bardic Circle Marshall Training.”  At first glance, Richard thought there might be a requirement, so other people could easily also have the same first impression regardless of our intention. So, further discussion is warranted.

Reynsa agreed to take the lead on the effort to create Best Practices for Performing Arts Competitions. This includes a number of tasks not limited to: training non-performers to be judges, collecting a list of people kingdom wide willing and able to serve as judges, and making use of the improved Performing Arts judging sheets Scholastica edited.  Scholastica missed this call, but is highly likely to join Reynsa in this effort.

(Johann had made note earlier in the call that a list of people capable and willing to judge performing arts competitions kingdom wide would serve our kingdom greatly. He had a great deal of difficulty finding people to help him judge competitions during his year as Kingdom Bard.)

Sophia asked that some kind of plan for the way forward on these two efforts be written down and shared at least in time for Atlantia University’s Winter Session on February 6th. A meeting of the guild will happen during lunch including a Zoom call where we can share the plans made so far.

The call ended with Sophia promising to post the notes from the meeting and the link to the Zoom recording on the Atlantia Performing Arts Blog. To vote for the time of the next conference call on, please visit the poll here:

Another call will be held before the Winter University session and a meeting will be held during lunch at University.

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