The Kingdom of Atlantia currently has 2 positions of Kingdom Notables for performing arts: Kingdom Bard and Poeta Atlantia.  They have their own web pages maintained by the kingdom web staff here:

Kingdom Bard

Poeta Atlantia:

At Atlantia Twelfth Night 2019, Master Richard Wynn passed the position of Kingdom Bard to two bards! The Queen’s and King’s Bards are Mistress Faye de Trees & Ollam Lanea inghean Uí Chiaragáin.

At Atlantia Twelfth Night 2018, Lady Harper an Cu passed the position of Kingdom Bard to Master Richard Wynn! Richard has been an enthusiastic supporter of Bardic Arts for many years in Atlantia and brings great skill in vocal and guitar music to our kingdom! His original compositions, document-able period tunes, and occasional comic songs are a heartwarming contribution to the environment of our kingdom.  Vivat to Master Richard Wynn!

Master Richard Wynn, OL

At Atlantia Twelfth Night 2017, the Kingdom Bard baton was passed on to Lady Harper an Cu, the well deserving apprentice to Master Ruaidhri an Cu!  She’s seen here with two of her Royal Player colleagues, Lady Scholastica (Royal Bard of 2014) and Lady Nicolosa (Chancellor of the Atlantia Academie of Dance).

Ruaidri Rory Gideon Kingdom Bard Jan 2016

johann handing over kingdom bard jan 2016 to Gideno and Ruiadhri

At Atlantia Twelfth Night on January 9, 2015, the 2015 Kingdom Bard, Lord Johann von Solothurn, passed the baton on to the next Kingdom Bard for 2016 – which is actually TWO awesome performers: Master Ruaidhri an Cu and Lord Gideon ap Stephan! (Ruaidhri is the Scottsman…)

Previous Kingdom Bards:

Scholastica passing baton to Johann

Lord Johann von Solothurn, Kingdom Bard 2015


Lady Scholastica Joycors

(Click Scholastica to see her accomplishments in her year as Kingdom Bard 2014!)

Poeta Atlantia:
The Poeta Atlantia as of Spring Coronation 2017 is Lady Adriana Michaels!

Poeta Atlantia as of Spring Coronation 2017

The Royal Bard and Poeta Atlantia may be guest bloggers on this blog, so watch for their contributions!