The meeting was held on Sunday, January 17 from 5:00pm – 6:30pm (approximately)

The meeting was held on and can the recording can be seen on You Tube here: 


  • Sophia the Orange
  • Reynsa Keyferin
  • Scholastica Joycors

The attendees all introduced themselves, but since we all know each other pretty well already, it was quick.

Summary:  Sophia checked that Scholastica had read the Guild Plan (Atlantia Performing Arts Guild FINAL plan) and asked for feedback. Scholastica had nothing to add and generally supported running with the plan.  Sophia mentioned that Teleri had emailed in some great and very thoughtful feedback about the plan. Teleri suggested one addition to the plan which was to clearly ask the performing community what they want. Sophia will add that to the Plan document and plan for a time to start a project to collect input from the community – which may be as simple as posting an invitation and tracking the discussion.

Scholastica agreed to join Reynsa in leading the effort to create Best Practices for Performing Arts Competitions. This includes a number of tasks not limited to: training non-performers to be judges, collecting a list of people kingdom wide willing and able to serve as judges, and making use of the improved Performing Arts judging sheets Scholastica edited.  Much discussion was had about various aspects of competitions, bad competitions we’ve seen, and the need to include guidance on documentation of performing arts.  Sophia suggested asking for support on documentation from Teleri who’s already teaching a class on “Research for Performers.”

(Johann had made note earlier in the last call that a list of people capable and willing to judge performing arts competitions kingdom wide would serve our kingdom greatly. He had a great deal of difficulty finding people to help him judge competitions during his year as Kingdom Bard.)

Sophia asked that some kind of plan for the way forward on this effort be written down and shared at least in time for Atlantia University’s Winter Session on February 6th. A meeting of the guild will happen during lunch including a Zoom call where we can share the plans made so far.

Reynsa will be in a conference for her day job on February 6, and Scholastica can’t attend in person due to distance, but both agreed that some kind of delivery of a plan for their project would be presented to the Guild on February 6th remotely. Scholastica may join in the call during lunchtime from University ( will be used again) or will send a report to Sophia ahead of time.

We also discussed the role of the Kingdom Bards. Sophia reported that our two new Kingdom Bards, Lord Gideon and Master Ruaidhri (ro-ree’), had been discussing already some direction they wish to go in. Some discussion covered how the Kingdom Bard role could work with the Guild’s role of Royalty Liaison, and Scholastica also made some suggestions for the new Kingdom Bards based on her experience as Kingdom Bard in 2014. We discussed Scholastica’s experiences communicating with the Baronial Bardic Champions and other contacts.

The call ended with Sophia promising to post the notes from the meeting and the link to the Zoom recording on the Atlantia Performing Arts Blog.  The next call will be February 6th during lunch from University and another call will be held from Ymir on February 27th at 11:00am – 12:00noon.

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