This web page is a blog plus loads of other resources for performers of all kinds in the Kingdom of Atlantia.  This page is an extension of the Performing Arts page off the Kingdom of Atlantia Arts & Sciences – Performing Arts webpage.  It is built on a WordPress blog to enable quick updates and user collaboration.  The intention here is to continue and expand upon the concept of the quarterly newsletter called “Rendition” created by Rose and continued by Etienne, previous Atlantian Deputy Ministers of Arts and Sciences for Performing Arts.

The Home page is a blog and will contain regular updates of performing arts activities throughout Atlantia.

The About page gives readers a little more detail about what to expect on each page.

The Performers’ Directory page takes users to the Atlantia Performers Directory Google Site.  Here users can enter their own data about their own performing or view the directory to find other performers.  Contact info is kept private, and instructions on how to request a performer’s contact info is on the page.

The Social Media Communities tab displays links to a variety of online communities with a focus on performing arts in the SCA.  Services include Facebook, Yahoogroups, Google groups, Deviant Art, and others.

The Links tab highlights special links to resources for performing, but it is an annotation companion to the larger database of thousands of links maintained there.

The Groups tab displays a listing with descriptions of the various performing groups operating in Atlantia.  These groups should also be listed in the Performers Directory.

The Kingdom Notables page is a place for the Atlantian Kingdom Bard and Poeta Atlantia to highlight their own efforts supporting the bardic and poetry communities.